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Why you should be here
If you want to escape the noise and chaos of the metropolitan center, you don’t have to sacrifice at the comforts of a metropolitan lifestyle, the northern and southern Patang are ideal.

Patong Beach is a pleasant walk away. Also, access to additional stunning beaches such as Karon and Kata in the south or Kamala and Lam Singh in the south.

What is a catch?
Since one part of Phuket is maximum tourism, it is very crowded and in most cases. Visitors are very serious during peak hours.

Recommended Hotels
Worth the money
Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa: A clean and well maintained place with excellent breakfast spread. If possible, book a room with a sea view balcony at the very best.
Bliss Hotel: Ideal for couples and homes, it has beachfront space and is very near to purchase and entertainment venues, but a bit far from the noise of Bangla Road.
Premium experience
Knapp Patong Hotel: An elegant place with comfortable rooms and comfortable beds, the people at Nap are very pleasant.
Kalima Resort & Spa: This Five Star Resort is located just 2 km from the Metropolis Center and offers pinnacle-elegance amenities – perfect from door pools to a fitness center and in-residence spa.
For singles & party-hoppers: Central Patong
Undoubtedly the heart of all the nightlife motion in Phuket, Central Patong is the busiest part of Phuket.

It is perfectly located in the middle of Patong Beach and close to Bangla Road, the center of Phuket’s birthday celebrations and one of the most crazy streets in Thailand.

It is a carnival of daylight, a carnival of neon-light bars, a deaf song and cheap alcohol at night. It is also the center of Phuket’s growing pleasure enterprise.

Bangla Road
Photo by Pawelkir Path
Why you should be here
If you need to have freedom and party every night, there is no better place to stay.

There are many shopping options in the area, from street stalls selling meals and excursions to mega department stores.

What is a catch?
Central Patang is the loudest and busiest part of Phuket, as it is central to all the activities in Phuket.

The CD Cotin in Bangla Road is in your face, there are adultery features and intercourse show ads.

Recommended Hotels
Worth the money
Swiss Palm Beach Hotel: The place to make you feel at home, Swiss Palm Beach Hotel is a success with families. This is a spacious condominium lodge with a small but clean pool, perfect for kids to walk around.
Patong Beach Hotel: It offers access to beach, shopping and entertainment options, but is still secluded. Also, excellent staff!
Premium experience
Millennium Resort: It has a high-quality location, bungalow road, Jungsilan mall, pubs and lots of proper restaurants.
Holiday Inn Resort: One of the finest accommodations in Patang, the motels come with fully equipped suites, swim-up bars, great swimming pools and a delicious breakfast spread.
For Honeymooners, Couples & Families: Karon & Kata
Spread across the picturesque golden sand of Karon Beach, Karon is the second largest beach city after Patong. Here, you’ll find expensive resorts, great cafes, restaurants and bars.

Kata is a small beach metropolis near Karon. It is bordered by the help of Kata Beach – a beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear water – and covered with tall palm trees.

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Why you should be here
If you want a serene and laid back atmosphere, you don’t have to be far from the center of the city, Karon and Kata are ideal.

Kata has a completely cool night time scene, which is compared to Patong’s loud bars. There are amazing seaside bars where you can relax with your favorite drink and watch mind-blowing sunsets while paying attention to some Melo Bob Marley tunes.

These two places actually have a good variety of buying alternatives.

What is a catch?
If you are not at a seaside motel, attending the beaches is an attempt.

Recommended Hotels
Worth the money
Hotel de Caron: It is a great price for money, clean and spacious rooms, a great location and a fun and supportive workforce.
Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort: An amazing hotel, just a 10-15 minute stroll from the beach. The rooms are comfortable with perfect sea views. There are two swimming pools in the lodge so that you can visit the busy one constantly.
Premium experience
Karon Sea Sands Resort: Situated on Karon Beach, this is a wonderful area with many shops and cafes. With comfortable rooms and exquisite beach access, this is perfect for couples.
Centara Caron Resort: This stylish lodge has 3 swimming pools, spacious rooms, excellent bars and a residential spa – and it’s just

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