Biggest Shopping Mall

Why not go shopping now while in Bangkok? The town is known for its cheap prices, and its amazing shops have the kind of restraint you can save until you drop in anytime. From street shops to malls, Bangkok has the trend for all your shopping cravings!

So here is the list for all your shoppers or when you are in Bangkok.

  1. Chatuchak Weekend Market
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It is the largest market in Bangkok for saving from over 8000 shops. This is a paradise for people who really like street buying. You can literally buy the whole thing here, call it that! Clothes, souvenirs, furniture or even animals!

Bargaining is key to optimizing your purchase price range right here. Be polite even if you do so and you can get the price you need.

  1. Pantrip Plaza Mall

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This is Eden, available to all tech geeks. You will find all kinds of electronics and software here at an alternatively reasonably priced price. This does not mean that you will find an iPhone for a hundred dollars, but then the actual charge of the product is a little lower. You can find many simulation products, from telephones and watches to TVs and laptops.

Three. Central World

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The mall is the 6th largest mall in Bangkok. It is actually quite large, with a car showroom inside it. It has supermarkets, leisure centers and a Path Apparel showroom. There is also an ice skating ring in which you can ride on the ice and have a great time!

  1. Siam Paragon

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The mall has fashionable brands such as Jimmy Choo, Bulgari, Gucci or Lamborghini Showroom, which is a great way to make sure you want to sell everything you have! Regardless, if you don’t have the financial means to buy expensive things out there, you can constantly window store.

In the basement of the mall is the Siam Ocean World, a walk-through telephone aquarium that you can see. Their entry fee is 750 baht for adults and 600 baht for children.

Five. MBK Center

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It is a neighborhood mall that has more Thai brands than Global. It is very popular among teenage women, who come here to save and go out. One of the goals of this is to find clothes of your size to the maximum in garments designed for petite frame type. But you can buy adorable accessories right here!

Shopping is a big part of the Thailand Travel Reveal for many people, and if you hit those places with a tick list, you will walk away with the usual buying luggage and gnashing of your teeth more than ever. Face!

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