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What a wonder about it
Patong Beach is all you see in Thai travel brochures. Warm turquoise water laps at the soft sand and there are plenty of palm trees to rest under. With a large selection of seaside bars, golf equipment and restaurants, you can get away with a cocktail, bloodless beer or some Thai delicious time nearby. This is the second during daylight sessions and active nights or solar units at sea.

If you are searching for movement and adventure, you can hear the jet skis zipping across the water and enjoying the banana boat rides along the seaside. If nightlife is your pastime, you should check out areas close to the beach. One such place is Bangla Road, in which clubs tune in to the night and you can do everything from dancing all night to gorging on delicious Thai Avenue food. It is a seaside vacation spot with nightlife to rival Bangkok.

What’s the catch
When the beach is this famous, it comes with its own shortcomings. One of them is the crowd. Tourists and vendors are all coming to the beach and then looking to sell you everything from shades to clean coconuts or tattoos. And because so many people are grouping the beach, it’s very likely to become awful. So, watch your step and don’t get distracted! You need to be innovative along with your angles to snap the appropriate Insta second.

Should you stay there?
Patang is Phuket’s busiest place. So, it is very touristy. However, it has very quiet and very low noise areas. North and South Patang are two such areas. So, if you’re not ready to be near the markets and relinquish the convenience of eating places, look for some low-key weather, go to those two areas. Hundreds of accommodation options range from boutique lodges to hostels, from guesthouses to 5 star hotels. The beach is just a walk away. Most importantly, you can flow from here without difficulty because the different parts of Phuket are hand free from Patang.

How to get there
After Patang Town, the beach is easy to get to Phuket. Less than an hour’s drive from Phuket airport, this is a popular place for people to stay. There is an instant bus from the airport or a taxi to get there.

Pro Tip
Head south to the beach if you need to avoid the gang. There is no swimming area to the south, but the views are perfect and the sand is unusual for relaxing.

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